Looking Beyond a Resume: Tips on How to Choose The Right Employee

Written by Julia

On November 15, 2019

Selecting the wrong employee for your business can cost you more than you think. It can cost you to lose money and customers. Choosing the right employee should be taken very seriously. Without the right employees, your company can eventually fail. Your employees are one of the keys to what makes the company run at its best potential so hiring the right candidate is very crucial.
Here are some strategies in what to look for when looking for a candidate.

Look beyond a resume

When looking for a candidate most hiring management’s look for the best resume they can find. While having the right skills and techniques is important, it is also important to look beyond just a resume.
When you find a resume that best fits the job criteria, also look for a:

1. Cover letter-

This will show the applicant is interested in working for the company and is not firing a resume to any job they can find.

2. Follow up call or email-

If they don’t hear a reply from your business, applicants who are interested will most likely call or email to see if the job is still available.

3. References-

If they have already provided you with references, they have taken the initial step to make your life easier without having to ask them first.
These three things help you judge the applicant before even meeting them.
Tip: If they are sending a resume through email, create a specific word or title to add to the subject on the email.
This helps you see who was paying attention to the small details.


Ask more than basic questions on the interview

When you decide on the candidates to interview, you will ask them basic questions but you should also consider looking at other factors. Depending on the job you are looking to get filled will base on what sort of skills the interviewer portrays. Create a checklist that you want the candidate to portray, as this will help you in the interview process.

Look for things such as:


1. Their body language-

If you sense that the candidate is shy or quiet, and you are looking for someone to fill a customer service position, most likely this person will not be a good candidate.

2. Overconfident-

If a candidate is overconfident, they will most likely treat their co-workers as if they are a “know it all” or as if they are above them. Depending on your company policies, this is not always a good trait for a candidate to have.

3. Study their responses-

A good key to look for is how personal their responses are. If they are answering questions with passion, and not like an automated system, it’s a good sign that they will also bring that into your company.

4. If they are willing to accept a 3 month probation period-

Wouldn’t it be great to get to know who you are hiring before actually hiring them? A 3 month probation period lets you see how the employee works and fits in with your company and their coworkers. If they can accept a 3 month probation period, it shows they are interested in sticking with the company and it’s also beneficial for you.
Finding the right employee can be tricky. Following these simple guidelines can make finding the right employee a bit easier. It doesn’t necessarily mean if you follow these guidelines you a guaranteed to hire the right person, but it can definitely help you in what to look for.

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