If You Can Buy It Used, Go For It!

Written by Julia

On January 23, 2020

As the title states, if you can buy it used- go for it! If you’re on a budget, are thinking of going on a budget, want to save, or simply want to get your finances in line then this is the best time to start buying things used instead of new.
Keep your bank account full, by buying these 5 items used instead of new:

1. Cars

If you’re thinking of purchasing a car instead of leasing, why buy a brand new one? Used cars are just as good and work just as well as a new car. Of course the lower the price, the more repairs the used car will need, however you can find many used cars that work perfectly well with little to no repairs needed. It’s true when purchasing a car it loses value as soon as you drive away from the dealership. You will be losing a lot more money buying a new car than a used one. Purchasing a used car also saves you money on insurance. Of course, the cost of insurance depends on the model, make, and your driving record, however, it will still most likely cost you less on insurance when purchasing a used car rather than a new one.
This is also a great purchase if you are a student as you will most likely get a new car anyway in the future. Also, consider how much you will be driving your car. Do you really need an expensive brand new car when you’re only using your car 3x a week? Even if you do use your car a lot, it is still a great idea to purchase a used one as it will be just as good as the new car- but cost less.

2. Clothes

Buying used clothes is one of the smartest things you can do even if you’re not trying to save money. I can’t tell you how many dresses, skirts, shoes, and clothes, in general, I have bought used as opposed to paying the full price. Apps like Poshmark, Tradesy, and Vinted, etc offer numerous options, and high designer brands as well. I’ve gotten clothes for half the price I would have originally spent, and sometimes even more than half. More so, you can sell your clothes on these apps as well, and make extra money. Dig into your closet and get selling!
For the moms out there, consider buying used clothes for your kids. Children outgrow their clothes within months sometimes, so why buy a brand new item when you can purchase the same item for half the price, take it to get dry cleaned and it will come out just like new. Let’s be honest- kids don’t really care what they’re wearing anyway. With apps such as the ones I’ve mentioned above, there is no reason not to try purchasing used clothes for you and your family!

3. Books

Do you really need a brand new book? If you’re a book lover or are attending school at the moment you know how expensive a book or textbook can be. A professor will most likely never require you to purchase a new book- therefore, there is really no reason to purchase a brand new one. Books/textbooks contain the same exact information. Unless the used book has ripped pages and coffee stains all over- there is never a good enough reason to buy a new book.
You can find used books on Amazon, Thriftbooks, and Chegg.

4. Exercise gear

Many buy exercise gear, and then end up never using them or not having enough time to use them. Weights, for example, can never go bad, but you do want to test out equipment such as treadmills. Websites like eBay, Freecycle, and Amazon have plenty of used exercise gear, which you can even find ones that have never even been used. It’s great to shop for these a few months after New Years’ as many will sell their equipment as they didn’t go through with their New Year weight loss/exercise resolution.

5. Furniture

If you take into account and analyze how much you have spent on furniture, it comes out to a crazy amount. The purchases were most likely made one at a time, not all at once, therefore it is difficult to notice how much you’re actually spending on furniture. You’d be surprised that you can save 50% of what you had originally spent if you have just purchased used furniture. Of course, some furniture you can buy new if you find it at a good price, but a lot of pieces you can also buy used. AptDeco, Etsy, and Move loot lets you buy used furniture and also sell your furniture as well, so at the same time you’re making a few extra bucks.

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  1. Juliana

    Buying used books will be the wisest choice I’ve ever made cuz the knowledge won’t lose even the books were used by somebody else.


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