Will Your Business Idea Make you Money?

Written by Julia

On January 13, 2020

Coming up with a business idea is the easy part. What you have to determine is whether that idea can actually make you money. Identifying what the potential of a particular business idea is will require serious consideration. If you have a “crazy” business idea that you think will make lots of money, run it through the following tests before you spend too much time developing it.

Your Business Idea Should Be Something You Are Skilled and Interested In

Avoid wasting time on developing a business based on an idea that is not in your Zone of Genius. Choose a business idea that is based on your strengths and what you are actually interested in. When you start a business that requires using your skills, you will save yourself from dealing with problems.
No business idea is too crazy. For example, Rent-a- chicken – yes you read that right. You can rent a chicken if you’re interested in urban farming, and to see if the chicken farming life is for you. Sounds crazy right? Rent-a-chicken has been around since 2013 and is still going.
Problems will undoubtedly occur if you venture into unknown territory that you are not skilled in. Of course, the more skilled you are or the more knowledge you have in a certain field, your business will be easier to run versus when you aren’t skilled or knowledgeable. You should also be brainstorming, taking opinion surveys, and talking with people close to you. They can all help you get a clearer answer if you are confused.

Ask yourself how long will your crazy business idea survive without making a single penny in profit. Also, consider what your overall vision is and goals are as an entrepreneur.

Get Familiar With Your Competition

You should conduct some market research to know who your competition is. Look for how you can make your crazy business idea unique enough to be set apart from the rest. Any new business has to know who their competition is. Make this your top priority after you have figured out the first point we brought up. Look at both who your current competitors are, as well as who your future potential competitors may be. Study everything they do, from getting leads to creating sales conversions. Look at their marketing campaigns. Research their online reputation. Review their prices and ascertain what the quality of their products is. Going through all of these will help you uncover needs that are not being met by your competitors. This can help you gain a foothold within a niche.

Know Your Chosen Business Model Inside and Out

When you start a business, no matter how unconventional it may be, you will have to pick a business model that works for it. This could be an affiliate business, business-to-business (B2B), an e-commerce store, or something else. Each one of these has its own ideal customer that they profile and target.
Your ability to accomplish the various requirements of each of these business models will determine how successful you are. Avoid jumping head-first into any of the business model options without doing your research and analysis beforehand. Get as much information as you can digest about what their revenue models are, w

Identify How Sustainable Your Business Idea Is

If you are wondering how a business is sustainable, you need to look at multiple factors. The biggest one is supply and demand. If you have some crazy business idea that offers a solution to a problem that nobody has ever heard of before, you may have a winner. If your idea offers something that improves upon current solutions that exist, you have a sustainable business idea. Figure out how scalable your product is and find out if people are willing to pay for it. When you take all of this into consideration, you will be able to know whether your unusual business idea will bring you the returns you are hoping for.


When you take all of these things into consideration, you will have put your crazy business idea through the wringer. You will have tested its mettle. You will have tested it out to see if it would actually make you money, and lots of it. If your business idea has passed these tests, congratulations! You are on your way to bringing in those big profits you have been hoping for.
Starting a business can mean facing challenges. For tips on how to overcome business challenges, click the highlighted link.

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  1. Joseph

    Its so important to know the business model you’ve choosen inside and out so you can find your target audience more easily, that’s how it works!

  2. Jason

    It’s so important to know the business model you’ve choosen inside and out so you can find your target audience more easily, that’s how it works!


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