Business Ideas For Teenagers

Written by Julia

On February 11, 2020

If you’re a student or a teenager and think you’re too young to start a business, think again. Business success can come at any age. Take Ryan ToysReview for example. An elementary school kid makes millions of dollars by posting toy reviews on his YouTube channel. Yes, you heard that right, millions. According to Business Insider, the channel grossed $22 million of revenue in 2017. If you’re still not convinced, keep reading for a few business ideas that may not generate millions, but are a good start.

Baby Sit

If you’re someone who loves babies and kids, then this job is perfect for you. You can do this after school, on the weekends or if you just have free time. It’s fast and easy money. You can help your family, friends, neighbors or just simply find a family that fits your schedule and needs. If you start loving the industry, you can eventually open up your own babysitting business.

Dog Walking or Pet Sitting

For those who love animals, then either of these businesses will work well. The clients will offer you all the supplies, from leashes to food and treats. You won’t have to invest a dime, and it also provides flexible work hours. You can start your own dog walking or pet sitting business, and create your own pet products for your clients to purchase.


If you’re majoring in journalism or have a passion for writing then consider blogging temporary or even long term. Many companies are hiring bloggers for their website, you can work for one company or be a freelancer and work for many. This is a simple way to make money and to turn this into a long-term business.


Instead of blogging where you would be writing, with vlogging, you will be creating and uploading a video blog. You will be telling a company’s story, advertising and marketing their services or product through video on their social media platforms. This is a great business if you’re into photography, and most of the time an iPhone camera can even do the work. You can start off with an iPhone camera, and eventually buy better equipment. Although you will be investing some money into this, in the long run, it’s worth it as many businesses are more and more getting on social media platforms. This too gives you the freedom to be a freelancer or provide your services to one company.

Web Designer

Similar to being a blogger, this industry offers many jobs whether you want to work for one company or many. This is a great opportunity to maximize your skills as especially small businesses don’t have the capital yet to hire experienced web designers. You can start off by offering discounted rates and charge more when you posses bigger skills and have more experience.

Car Washing

Who doesn’t like their car looking sparkly clean? I would say most people, however, most don’t have the time to keep it that clean. That’s where you come into place! All you need is a sponge, bucket, and a window cleaner and a few polishing products. The materials won’t cost too much and the profit of it is much greater. You can start doing this independently and eventually bring your friends or hire people to help. If all goes well, you can open up your own car wash with car wash machines and more.

Bottom Line

Starting your own business in your teenage years can be really helpful in getting a jump start in the entrepreneurship life. You will possess the skills and the mindset of a business owner and will help you exceed more than your competitors who didn’t start in their teenage years. Not only will you be more responsible but you will also be making income along the way!

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    I think being a vlogger is quite popular these days, lots of Youtuber used to be a vlogger before they’re well known. Its also quite interesting to share our ideas and funny things with audience.


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