Hand in Hand: Tech to Business

Written by Julia

On February 7, 2020

In today’s world, technology continues to embed itself into our lives. The iPhone, for example, is one of the top-selling phones in the world and it only launched in 2007. In those 13 years, 23 new iPhone models have been released with new upgrades and features. Humanity used to dream of a feature like Facetime, and now it’s actually exists thanks to technology. The same thing with computers, they have become so advanced enough that most business owners and regular households can’t live without them.
Let’s talk business. Businesses are more likely to with the use of technology. There are various ways technology can be incorporated into a business. Read on to find out.



  1. Generate more income by using an e-commerce website where customers can purchase products or services.
  2. Create an app where customers can purchase your products/services, pay invoices, get new updates, and chat with live customer service representatives.
  3. Use budget tracking apps to manage and organize your expenses and hopefully reduce them as well.
  4. File your taxes online.
  5. Share digital files with your accountant and bookkeeper .




  1. Use social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc, to advertise and market your product or service and to gain more customers.
  2. Blog or Vlog to help with SEO (search engine optimzation) as ranking well on the search engine is essentially a free advertisement and generates visitors to your website.
  3. Use the power of email marketing to collect email addresses.
  4. Use platforms to optimize your marketing plan and easily share it with your team.
  5. Create a website that relates to you and your business.


Customer Service


  1. Allow clients to set up appointments online either through an app or on your website.
  2. Besides using your website or app, connect with clients via social media platforms.
  3. Use online services on your website/phone/email to conduct customer feedback services.


Time Management


  1. Use apps to help you better prioritize and organize your time.
  2. Create a digital filing system to make it easier to find, store, save and share your documents.
  3. Use project management tools for managers or yourself to keep up with employees performances and responsibilities.
  4. To improve productivity, time tracking software tools are best. You will be able to analyze where time is spent, how much time is spent and organize your time to fit with your main priorities first.

For tips on time management , click the highlighted link.

Latest Trends

Depending on the industry you are in depends on what the trends are currently for it. It’s always a good idea to apply any new trend to your business. Anything that is accessible and can make people’s lives easier is what works. For example, instead of getting a card from a bank, being analyzed for a credit score you can instead use a cash management account which lets you combine features all in one. Checking, savings and/ or investment accounts all can be combined into one, and you will receive points at the same time through purchases. You can do all of this with just a touch of a button through your phone. A finance company, for example, can use this to keep up with the accessibility for people and to also keep up with the latest trends which in the long run, the company will grow and can beat its competitors.

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