Phrases Entrepreneurs Avoid

Written by Julia

On February 12, 2020

An entrepreneur is an entrepreneur, however, there is a difference between a positive and negative mindset. Setting yourself up to reach the greatest success is more than just showing up to your business and running a company. To reach your fullest business potential, having a positive mindset will set you apart from many entrepreneurs.
Read on for 10 phrases to avoid. Eliminating these phrases from your speech also eliminates any negative thoughts in your mind which in the long run sets you up for greater success.

1. I’ll start on Monday.

Why Monday? Why not today? This is one of the most used phrases negative people use to procrastinate and to convince themselves that the task is not that important. Get on the task the moment or the day you think of it- don’t wait! Time is money.

2. It’s not fair.

Really? Are we in middle school? Of course, life is not fair, however, stating the obvious doesn’t help you in any way. You have to understand that not everything will be fair. Instead of dwelling on what’s fair or not, think of ways to improve the situation and create your own fairness.

3. I can’t do it.

If you can’t do the task at hand, it’s likely someone else will. Instead, find the core of the problem and fix it!

4. He/she got lucky.

While this may be true, it’s still not a good phrase to put in your mind or believe. This phrase will make you work less and not reach success as fast as someone who doesn’t think of this phrase.

5. It’s not my fault.

Even if it’s not, stop playing the blame game. Rather, find the solution because that’s what makes someone a real boss!

6. I might be able to.

Might is a word that is used when you don’t want to give anyone expectations. If a client or employee is asking you for something, instead of using this phrase, simply just tell them the truth.

7. Impossible

Things can be impossible, but that’s rare. This word gets thrown around usually with people who are close-minded. Rather than confirming something is impossible, think of ways it can be possible.

8. I’ll try

This phrase gets thrown around for those who don’t believe they will complete that task, so they use the phrase “ill try”. Its either you do or do not.

9. That won’t work.

How do you know that? Even if something has been tried before and didn’t work, it does not mean it’s impossible . Winners don’t shut down ideas without trying them first.

10. That’s not my job.

Guess what? When you become an entrepreneur, everything is your job! Of course, you will hire employees where their specialties lie in different areas than yours, however, if someone needs assistance the right thing to do is help if you want your business to reach its highest potential.

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  1. Emily

    Its kinda hard to quit these bad habits in a short time, but maybe we can start from thinking everything positive to change our mind.


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