Small Businesses that are Hiring During the Coronavirus

Written by Emily Liu

On March 31, 2020

A massive wave of unemployment is growing around the United States as the coronavirus shakes the economy. There were 3.3 million Americans who filed for unemployment benefits last week, which is four times the one-week unemployment application record in 1982. According to the statistical report, the nation’s unemployment rate was 3.5 percent in February, and it is likely to rise to 5.5 percent.
Companies of some industries have begun to lay off their employees. Workers of airline companies, travel agencies and hotels are the ones who have suffered most. The layoffs are happening in a broader circle of industries now, including chain restaurants and marketing agencies. However, some small businesses are thriving or even increased during the pandemic, and there are job opportunities in these small business companies.

Grocery Delivery

Due to the spread of the virus, the government is recommending people stay home to self-quarantine. While customers begin to stock up on food and other essentials while avoiding crowds, people have turned to the internet to do grocery shopping. There is an increasing demand for online grocery shopping and delivery services. Instacart announced that their same-day grocery delivery services have experienced a significant surge during this time. Due to the demand growth, they are providing a new “Leave at My Door Delivery.” Customers can receive a real-time photo of their groceries on their doorstep instead of knocking on doors. As a result of new demand, grocery stores now need more workforce for website maintenance, supply chain management, and product delivery.

Telecommuting and Online Education Software

There is an increase in online video and chat software demand recently. Because of the pandemic, universities across the country canceled in-person classes and shifted to offer online courses. As of March 30, 27 states have implemented stay-at-home orders, which means two-thirds of the country’s population are working from home. The closure of schools and the work-from-home policy drives up the demand for video and chat software. Microsoft’s claims that the meetings, calls, and conference usage rose in the United States. Take the Microsoft team as an example: their video and audio meetings were up 37 percent. Zoom also announced that the usage of their software increased more than 30 percent since the beginning of February. Companies that provide online communication software are thriving, and they are hiring.

Fitness Equipment

Many gyms across the US have closed since the beginning of March. However, the demand for exercise hasn’t decreased. Americans need to keep fit to fight the coronavirus. In this situation, people turn to home gyms. Companies that provide internet-connected fitness equipment and online fitness classes, such as Mirror, have a rising demand for their product and services. Exercise equipment such as yoga mats that are convenient for working out at home has realized an increase in sales this month.
If you are looking for a job, look into these companies. They are offering job opportunities right now.

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