Webinars for Small Business

Written by Emily Liu

On March 26, 2020

There is no doubt that a webinar is becoming a crucial part of today’s business world. As a live and interactive online seminar, it provides the audience training and instructions on a relevant topic. The hosts of the webinar are usually professionals or industry leaders. Audiences can learn about industries, business management, best practices, and many other topics. The webinar is also a venue for interaction. Most of them include both training and Q&A sections. Audiences can interact with the host to gain more industry insights or let them solve some business concerns.
As a small business owner, you know that you can never stop learning. The webinar is an excellent online learning tool that helps business owners learn industry knowledge and new business techniques. It is a unique opportunity to network with industry leaders and peers. Due to the event postponement and self-quarantine, small business owners now have more time and effort to participate in webinars. The following are some recommended webinars that are beneficial for small businesses.

Webinars from Government Organizations

Organizations such as the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) provides webinars, especially for small business owners. The SBA is a government agency that supports entrepreneurs and small businesses. It has resources that can help small businesses grow. There are three parts of the SBA webinar topic, which are “Plan Your Business”, “Launch Your Business”, and “Manage Your Business”. It helps small business owners learn how to write their business plan, and how to attract investors and show them how to understand their customers better. The SBA webinar is very beneficial for small business owners to start and grow their operations.

Webinars of Business Assistance Websites

There are a lot of business assistance websites such as BizLaunch that aim to help people begin their own small business. These websites have webinars and courses to teach people in a step-by-step format on how to write their business plan. Let’s use BizLaunch as an example: its webinar provides small business owners some marketing suggestions such as the topic “How to Get Free Publicity for Your Small Business”. It also gives some guidance about employment. For example, they hosted a webinar that focused on the topic “How to Recruit”, “Train”, and “Motivate Employees”. Small business owners can self-train using this kind of business assistance website.

Webinars of Small Business Companies

There’s no question webinars are becoming more and more critical for small businesses now. According to the statistical reports, B2B companies hold almost 61% of the total webinars held in a year and 73% of B2B marketing leaders say a webinar is the best way to generate high-quality leads.

Small business companies usually have their senior executive team host the webinar. They are professionals who are experienced in a specific industry. The webinar is an excellent platform to share meaningful experiences and knowledge. Small companies’ webinars are efficient because they know precisely what uncertainty and doubt other small business owners have. They can share their solutions and strategies for specific business problems during the webinar.

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