The Celeri Journal #81: Wage Re-Pricing

Written by Michael

On May 25, 2020

Global Markets Recap

All hail Mark Zuckerberg – who, shockingly, doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile so I can’t tag him. Oh well.

“Zuck”, as everyone calls him, put forth the most brilliant plan to pay employees who work from home effective January 1, 2021, by their zip code. If you live in the Bay area & you’re a senior programmer, you get paid X based on housing, tuition costs, insurance, retirement, living expenses, so forth.

If you move to St. Louis, or Bangladesh, or Mars (in time), all those associated California taxes, upkeep & $6,000 rents for an 800-square-foot apartment don’t travel with you. So, there’s an adjustment. Would you be happier paying a $2,000 mortgage for a palatial $400,000 home in Green Bay, Wisconsin, with outstanding public education, low property taxes & no more commuting costs or parking tickets? If so, Zuck will send over a revised employee agreement in the morning.

Funny, most commentators online have demonized Mr. Zuckerberg for this idea. Maybe there’s a reason he’s one of the wealthiest people in the history of mankind & they’re not. This plan makes too much sense and is why every corporation with a pulse & an IQ will follow along. Employees may kvetch & moan, but watch their feet and their wallets not what they opine online.

This #WorkFromHome Revolution has legs.

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