The Celeri Journal #82: Summer Doldrums

Written by Michael

On May 26, 2020

Global Markets Recap

As summer unofficially begins, this journey we are on lingers with no official timetable insight. When will local gyms & restaurants reopen: who knows? Are kids going back to school in the fall – are 3-day on-& off school weeks the next Big Thing; most important, when will youth baseball start. Without that, all else pales in comparison.

It’s quieter out of Washington. The Fed’s no longer got the bazooka out but it can come back at any time. What happened to that $3 trillion House bill? I literally forgot about that. Stalled in the Senate, I suppose. Or as the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board informs: “So let’s hope they can put aside political differences and take care of small business.” Hallelujah. Let’s do the math: no one’s working – and by “no one”, I’m exaggerating – only 30 million are “jobless” – while the spigots of fiscal & monetary policy are; well, not turned off, but maybe reloading.

There’s an election brewing. China tensions. The vaccine chatter is much like work. “When we gonna get that deal signed?” “Oh, probably 90 ninety days. 120 tops.” You wonder how these casual punts in the science world relate back to us mere mortals that stall, delay & obfuscate when the real answer is closer to: “I haven’t the faintest idea if/when the client will make up its mind.”

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