3 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Improve Leadership Skills

Written by Emily Liu

On June 11, 2020

As a small business owner, it is critical to establish a clear vision of the company and lead the team to achieve the vision. The personality business owners show and how they work with others have a significant impact on a company’s success. Influential leaders can help the company maximize productivity, whereas the lack of leadership skill may hurt the work efficiency. However, company founders are not born leaders. It is necessary to sharpen their leadership skills to handle challenging situations in business. In this blog article, we’d like to share with entrepreneurs some practical ways to improve their leadership skills.

Make Others Feel Empowered

The ability to make others feel empowered instead of feeling diminished is essential for a good leader. Business owners should pay attention to how they speak about others and how they guide the team. Don’t just give commands, try to encourage and motivate them. Leaders can also let go of some control and power. When employees are clear about their responsibility, leaders can let them choose the way they prefer to work. Besides, leaders should get to know the employees’ opinions and consider their suggestions. It can make the team feel that they are essential for the company, and their leader trusts them enough.

Develop a Strategic Vision

Leading a company is not just distributing work to employees. Good company leaders know how to drive employees’ engagement by communicating a shared vision. They also know the way to connect employees’ daily work to the company’s overall mission. According to a survey, 37% of tech workers say that the #1 thing they want their CEO to improve is vision and strategy.
To develop a strategic vision, business owners need to have a broader view of the company and its employees. Whenever making a decision, leaders should ask themself whether this decision can bring the company continual growth. Don’t just focus on the immediate interests, connect the short-term goal with the long-term gain. Moreover, take all employees, investors, and customers into consideration to make them trust your vision.

Handle the Challenge Well

For business owners, how they handle the challenges says a great deal about them as a company leader. Knowing how to stay calm when facing a difficult situation is the sign of a good leader. Therefore, business owners need to be confident and optimistic when there are challenges, so that they can inspire employees to believe that the company will be led the company forward. Moreover, as a leader, it is critical to work on improving problem-solving and trouble-shooting skills. These skills can help leaders avoid panic when encountering the stumbling blocks.

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