Places to Find Startup Talent

Written by Emily Liu

On June 12, 2020

Talent acquisition is cited as a top priority for business leaders, regardless of the size and location of their company. And it is a critical factor whether a startup can eventually grow into a big name. A study revealed that the third most reason why startups fail is due to the lack of having the right team. However, it is a daunting task for startups to recruit the right group of talent. Many startups are still figuring out where to post their job openings and how to find a qualified pool of candidates. Websites such as LinkedIn and Indeed are the top choices for candidates to search for jobs and networking, but these are not only options for recruiting. The following are some alternative resources to find qualified employees for startups.


Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, CareerOneStop delivers integrated and easy-to-understand workforce information to job seekers, employers, and students. The business center of CareerOneStop is companies’ source for help hiring, training, and retaining the workforce. It shows startups how to identify their hiring needs, where to find candidates, and teaches them the employee management skills. The CareerOneStop also has partnerships with American Job Center Network, helping companies find suitable candidates in their area.

The Ladders

The Ladders is a website that provides exclusive job matches in HR, sales, finance, tech, and marketing. Based on its algorithm, it can offer employers the most relevant and suitable results. The Ladders has a deep talent pool, with over 10 million members. On this website, only qualified candidates can view and apply for a specific job. This function helps to increase recruiting efficiency. The Ladders also provides the Third Page. This page shows candidates’ personalities, aspirations, and passion. It allows employers to know candidates beyond the resume.

Open Source of Social Media

Social media is an excellent recruiting tool for employers. Companies can get instant responses from candidates, and the hiring process is very cost-effective. Business owners can use Facebook and Twitter to seek talents. Facebook groups divide candidates by job skills and interests, making it convenient for companies to find talents with specific professional abilities. They can also use relevant hashtags and keywords to pose jobs on Twitter. It can help increase the chance of being found by suitable candidates.
If the companies want to hire tech people, they can also go to some open source project sites such as GitHub and Stack Overflow. Employers are able to preview the work of candidates there. These websites also contain candidates’ contact information, which allows companies to reach out to the qualified ones immediately.

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