Time Management Apps for Entrepreneurs

Written by Emily Liu

On June 22, 2020

Running a small business often requires entrepreneurs to be generalists and multitaskers. As the leader of the firm, an entrepreneur needs to take charge of everything in their company, from business operations to financial planning to employee management. To make great ideas into reality and implement big plans, business owners should arrange their schedules and divide tasks to their team. Some entrepreneurs find it challenging to manage their time. In this article, we’d like to recommend some time management apps that can help business owners boost their productivity and improve their time management strategies.


Timely is a time tracking application. It is very convenient for busy entrepreneurs because it can track time automatically without the need for a stop/start button. With its magical Memory Tracker, business owners can record every task they are working on. This application also tracks how long each task takes, which helps users better arrange their projects. After time tracking, it can create reports of time data so users can improve their schedules according to the reports.


Harvest is an all-in-one time management tool. Like other time tracking apps, it helps users schedule their projects and track the completion time. The highlight of this app is that it integrates with more than one hundred other apps, such as Asana, Slack, and GitHub. Users will be able to track time on the apps they are using without switching to Harvest. Business owners can also use Harvest to follow their team’s time. It clearly shows the team performance, so team leaders can find out who is overworked and who can handle more on their plate easily.


TSheets is an app that helps entrepreneurs build schedules and manage their employees. Business owners can use TSheets to create employee schedules by job or shift. It is quick and easy to edit and share the calendar with the team. With TSheets, employees can clock in and out or take a break with just one click. It also provides overtime alerts to let employees stay aware of weekly overtime limits. TSheets is very mobile-friendly, which allows users to add timesheet details instantly.


RescueTime is a time tracking app that records how and where users spend their time online. Business owners can check which apps they use and how much time they spend on a specific website. It can also help entrepreneurs eliminate distractions. RescueTime’s reminders will alert users when they are spending too much time on a particular task and temporarily block procrastination websites when necessary. This app allows business owners to arrange their day smartly and helps them focus on hitting their goals.

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