The Celeri Journal #111: Buffett Likes Natty Gas

Written by Michael

On July 7, 2020

Global Markets Recap

Back to work after a long weekend. Stocks are screaming higher as valuations are so cheap even Warren Buffett found something to buy, scooping up Dominion Energy assets for a cool 10 billion. They produce natural gas. Mr. Buffett still has respect for investors, clearly, as natty gas soared almost 6% on his purchase. I’m sure it’s a coincidence, though.

Since fracking came along, all nat gas does is move lower. You can’t make money on the stuff. We’re drowning in it. Did you know we’re the Saudi Arabia of natural gas? I bet you didn’t. Why isn’t that talked about more in this country? I don’t get it. We have a golden opportunity to control our energy supply for the next 100 years without foreign intervention and somehow this is a relatively low priority among the electorate, media & candidates. Please tell me why. After a few days off, it feels like you’ve been gone for longer than you were. But there’s something about the next few days that makes it feel like we’re all gearing up to return to work after several months off the job. Oh, that’s right: we’ve all been working from home since March. When does that nightmare end & when does life return to normal? I thought stocks were a lagging indicator; how does that make any sense at all. All they do is go up; as we sit here at home.

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